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SQL Always-On - Choose between Async vs Sync Replication mode.

SQL Always-ON is great technology. Often times architects and decision makes get stuck on a model of replication to decide in it. Confusion arises from the fact that it provides two flavors of replication: synchronous as well as asynchronous. Both approaches come with pros and cos.

Just to settle the confusion and reference for all decision makes and architects, I've documented the MS Article available at below MS Link:

Checkout my Microsoft Article Posting:

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Presented MS Pakistan for the launch of Windows 2008 R2 - Seems less live migration of Hyper-V

Thanks to MS Pakistan Office for giving the chance to present newly released Windows 2008 R2 Operating System.

Presented live migration feature with car running inside of a virtual machine in running state, the VM was failed over to other node and car didn't stop.

That's even though the active compute was out and processing was shifted to another node.