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Python vs C# - .Net (Core)

Python vs C# .Net (Core)

Often times we see new people struggling weather they learn python or .Net, the best answer is to learn both but when making a choice below are few considerations.

.Net is very useful for Enterprise software, its compiled and statically typed contrary to Python which is interpreted and dynamically typed.

Benefit with Python is less to worry about types, same list can contain string items mixed with decimal types as well as integers. 

But not the case with .Net where you have to decide these in advance. So with Python, its possible to rapid development but for enterprise grade speed you need .net

So you can quickly develop a prototype using python but when it comes to enterprise, use .Net.

Python is the only language that help you compute permutations and combinations with available library, so you get an edge in software competition with that, doing the same in .Net requires a nuget package, something not allowed in most of the portals used in software competition.

Python is your friend for quick easy analysis of data doing some trending and machine learning learning analysis quickly

Hopes this helps add in your decision when making a career learning path. Have a good day.