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Generative AI - Three Levels of Expertise

Generative AI - Three Levels of Expertise


There are three levels of understanding of Generative AI,

Level 0 - Knows the term "Generative AI" and does not understand weather its yet another cosmetic term or its for real

Level 1 - Knows that business impact and possible business use cases - GPT (Generative Pretrained Model) is the biggest innovation we have in NLP domain in decades whereby machines can do some form of reasoning using LLM trained models which are trained over massive amount of data using expensive infrastructure(GPUs) and time factor involved. Plus this reasoning can be combined with RAG and FINETUNING Methods to bring in custom knowledge base as well so that to customize the technology to your knowledge domain.

Level 3 - Knows at the research level on how this Transformer part works in GPT to devise reasoning and what are hallucinations and what are the limitations of this technology and what areas are being explored and what are the constraints in current models.

By all means GenAI is game changer, any task you do can be boosted with GenAI,

  • CODING: boost your productivity for normal reasoning tasks: ask the GenAI to generate a for loop in python 10 levels deep where each level should use iteration depth as variable name and print the value at 7th depth and see it created for you ! save time and some part of the your thinking capacity as well. 
  • PRESENTATION / CONTENT WRITING:  ask GenAI to generate rephrase the document (better copy paste-r), ask it to generate the entire document. 
  • GRAPHICAL: again generate images using GenAI or modify existing ones (you can expect soon to alleviate common 

Where do you stand in your GenAI Journey?

Video Go through for using existing LLM with RAG method: Link